Janus Industry Prize

The Bell & Wyson team was pleased and honored to participate to the Janus de l’ Industrie award ceremony on June 2015 in the beautiful monument of the Quai d’Orsay in Paris in the presence of Mr Matthias Fekl, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.


Paris Trade Show and MEDPI


We have been pleased to participate to the 2015 edition of the famous Paris Trade Show (600 000 visitors) and to compete in the also very famous Concours Lepine where Bell & Wyson got the Ministry of Interior prize for its BW1.1.


In June 2015, Bell & Wyson attended the professional fair MedPi in Monaco. Since 20 years, the MedPi is a key actor in NTIC success in the retail distribution channels.


You want security, design and technology, here is the BW 3.1 which will illuminate your home while protecting you thanks its integrated HD camera. This WIFI LED bulb, true technological jewel, is remotely controlled with your iOS/Android tablet or smartphone. At kilometers from home, you will still keep an opened eye on what’s going on, switch on/off your bulb and enjoy many others functions that you will simply manage from your tablet or smartphone. Product planned for Q1-2016


The BW 4.1 will illuminate your garden or even your house while playing your favorite music thanks to its integrated 2x speakerphones. This Bluetooth LED spotlight, true design and technological jewel, can remotely be controlled with your tablet or smartphone or with its stylish remote control.